The best time to work on your cellulite is winter and the reason for this will become obvious.  I will show you how to do this yourself and the tools to buy, so that you can come back for areas you cannot reach or for firmer work.

Silicon cupping with a hand held solid plastic massage tool (FasciaBlasting) are effective for giving you that smoother and clearer looking skin. 


One of the most powerful and effective detoxification techniques is Silicon cupping for cellulite (caused by tight fascia and not fat).  Cupping pulls toxins out of the skin, drains lymph, excess fluid and stimulates the blood and lymphatic circulation, helping to get rid of waste products from the body as it speeds up the metabolism, clears stagnation, eliminate toxins and reduce fat deposits making the skin firm and smooth. 

A FasciaBlaster is a hand held firm massage tool which is used like a brush (but without bristles) on those areas of concern and breaks down tight fascia.  This is  used in vertical and horizontal movements on the front and back of legs, thighs and glutes (also can be used all over the body).  The treatment can be uncomfortable however, this does get less after each treatment as fascia is released.

Negative pressure on the skin, formed through the suction cups, releases the rigid soft tissue. This helps drain excess fluids and toxins, loosen adhesions and lift connective tissue.  It brings blood flow to undernourished skin and muscles resulting in a smoother and more youthful skin tone and appearance and is used before and after treatment

Treatment Protocol are normally:

  • 8 - 12 weekly or bi-weekly treatments

  • Followed by monthly treatments

  • Treatment duration 40 - 60 minutes


It is said Cellulite occurs due to poor blood and lymphatic circulation and the build-up of toxins in the body but Cellulite is caused by tight fascia (not much research on fascia) and not fat, although diet does have an impact.  Cellulite is caused by a connective tissue (fascia)  found throughout the body.  All muscles have to some degree fat and this fascia is like tangled hair so, when fascia tightens around muscles it pushes through the surrounding fascia causing the effect of cellulite.  As a result the body tissue becomes weak and under nourished as toxins trap themselves in and around fat cells, particularly in the deeper (subcutaneous) layer. Cellulite can affect any person of any size or weight, generally showing up in the abdominal, thigh, hip, and buttocks area.   Almost all women show some degree of cellulite on their bodies.

Though there are many theories out there in regards to the reduction or elimination of cellulite, we know that diet, exercise and water aren't enough.  

Cupping also accelerates healing of scar tissue, stretch marks and loosens fascia as it restores skin compactness in problem areas of the body. 

Please be aware that there might be bruising and or swelling to the treated area and it can become very uncomfortable at the beginning of the session as the process of breaking down the impacted tissue occurs.  During each session and as the treatment progresses, the discomfort becomes tolerable, less painful and that is a sure indication the fat, cellulite and fascia are softening.  


Some difference will be felt after the first session and visible results after 4-5 treatments.                   Contact:  07722 418 956

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