Meridian Stretch Massage

A Meridian Stretch massage combines postures and movement to activate & balance the meridian channels of your body for balanced energy flow.  Meridian Stretching is relaxing & stimulating between all our important organs and physical functions. It is very relaxing and stimulating. A Meridian Stretch is a combination of Korean Kyung-Rak (Meridian), Chinese Acupressure and Japanese Shiatsu developed by Wan-Hye Park who is a senior lecturer in Traditional Oriental Medicine (TOM).


This treatment works on the whole body to relax and energise through meridians / muscles stretch and uses gentle finger and palm pressure on the meridians / muscles.


Benefits of Meridian Stretch


  • Whole body relaxation

  • Release of tension and knotted muscle

  • Improved circulation

  • Release from muscle and joint pain

  • Simulation of whole body energy flow

  • Improved sense of well - being                   Contact:  07722 418 956

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